Our Flavors

Great Taste & Vibrant Colors


Pop in for a bag of our great daily flavors or try out some of our unique Monthly Flavors.

This sweet treat tastes like it just came from your favorite bakery topped off with

real sprinkles!

Premium Cheddar on

jumbo popcorn. A true classic that will delight you with every pop! 

This mix of spice and cheddar creates a fabulous flavor that is safe for the whole family to enjoy.

Simply amazing. Fresh popcorn perfectly coated in caramel.  This classic treat will delight you with each crunch!  

The perfect combination! 

Caramel and Cheddar mixed together for a timeless taste.

Boom Pop is Blueberry, Cherry & Vanilla flavored popcorn! A festive treat that has become one of the local favorites!

Fresh crisp popcorn with a wonderful buttery flavor. 


Sizes include Small Bag, Large Bag, 1 Gal Tin and 2 Gal Tin.  1 and 2 Gal Tins are refillable for about half price on your next visit to the store.


2 S. Broadway

Lebanon, OH


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