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Popcorn Bars, Favors & More

Add a POP of color and flavor

Perfect for Every Occasion!




Rehearsal Dinners

Birthday Parties

Employee Events

Are you looking for the perfect treat at your next event?  Allow us to delight your friends, family and guests with our great flavors and colors!  If you are looking for a popcorn bar, party favors or snacks we have you covered.  We have several popcorn packages to choose from or we can build one just for you.  

We also offer discounts based on event and order size. Please Contact Us today for more information.    

Popcorn Bars

Small Popcorn Bar (40-50 guests)

1 - 2 Gallon Tin (empty) for serving

1 - Scoop

1 - 5 Gallon bag of popcorn



$75 for flavored popcorn

$21 for butter popcorn 

Large Popcorn Bar (80 - 90 guests)

2 - 2 Gallon Tins (empty) for serving

2 - Scoops

1 - 5 Gallon bag of flavored popcorn

1 - 5 Gallon bag of butter popcorn


Price: $100

Custom Popcorn Bar

If our small or large popcorn bar is not the right fit we can customize a popcorn bar for you.  Choose the number of tins, flavors and bags to fit your event.  Please Contact Us today for pricing and details.

*prices do not include shipping

Party Favors & Special Events

Let us help you get your party favors ready!  With our special event pricing we know you will love both the popcorn and the price!

Choose from:

Mini Bags

Small Bags

Large Bags


5 Gallon Bags of Butter Popcorn

5 Gallon Bags of Flavored Popcorn

Please Contact Us today for more information and pricing! 

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